Locally Collected Supplies Arrive in Disaster Zone

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January 22, 2018
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Collaboration key to getting much needed supplies into hands of Hurricane victims

Charlotte resident traveled to Puerto Rico to ensure that locally collected supplies were delivered safely to
hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

In November 2017, the Puerto Rican Cultural Society in Charlotte had gathered literally tons of donations for the
survivors of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, but had no way to get the critical supplies shipped to the stormravaged
island. As the donations of food, water, cleaning supplies and more piled up to the ceiling, happiness at
the generosity of the community turned to frustration when quotes for shipping the donations came in as high as
Responding to an on-air plea for help made by a member of the Cultural Society, Charlotte-based non-profit
Restore Global stepped in to assist. “Our expertise is moving assets,” said Steven Wray, founder and CEO. “One
of the things that makes us unique is that we are experts in humanitarian global logistics.” And Restore Global is
able to mobilize quickly. “In our country, we have such a caring society – people who have compassion for those in
need – but sometimes they don’t know how to help. Well, one small sliver of helping is that we can take those
donations from the community and help get the right assets to the right place, quickly. So laundry detergent,
diapers, water, food…they didn’t sit in a warehouse indefinitely while the people who need them are hungry and
Restore Global secured the transportation and managed the logistics of the delivery and was on-site to assist the
Puerto Rican Cultural Society package supplies and load the shipping containers. Member Mayra Cintron De
Shahid, owner of Shining Stars Academy in Ballantyne and a native of Puerto Rico, traveled there in January 2018
to meet a Restore Global shipment and ensure the donations got to the distribution point without delay.
“Some parts of the Island look completely normal,” she said, “but then you go to some of the smaller places and
there is still no electricity, no running water. Some people still don’t have a roof over their head. The need is still so
great.” Shahid witnessed children and adults walking around without shoes on their feet. “They lost everything,”
she said. Shahid and other volunteers worked from early morning until late at night distributing critical supplies to
residents who trekked to the distribution point to receive them. According to Shahid, this hands-on approach is the
only way to ensure that donations don’t get held up by governmental bureaucracy. “Getting the supplies directly to
the distribution point and giving them directly to the people is the best way to go,” she said.
Shahid hopes that the collaboration between the community and Restore Global will continue until the people of
Puerto Rico can survive on their own, which will take a long time. “By Restore Global stepping up, they are a model
for other organizations to help us,” she said. “Restore Global’s action sets the tone of being an American, and we
are all Americans. You can tell they care.”

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