In 2020, we will host educational sessions for nonprofit professionals on the last Tuesday of every month.  

Barrier Breaker Learning Sessions will provide teaching and training to help nonprofits operate more efficiently. This will leave more time and energy for their staff to implement programs to help strengthen the community.

We chose the name “Barrier Breaker” because our partners break down barriers for disabled veterans, children, families, animals, the homeless population, and others by providing access to education, food, a place to live, clothing, and so much more.

We will bring in experts on a variety of topics like - How to Manage Volunteers and Interns, Social Media, How and When to Communicate with Donors, and Writing an Annual Report. This enables nonprofits to focus on what they do best - serving the community.

Barrier Breaker Learning Session 4

Volunteers and Interns: How to get the most out of them

Speaker Donna Mitchell will be talking about how to organize volunteers, tips and tricks for volunteer engagement, and how to manage interns at a nonprofit organization.

A word about our speaker: DONNA MEINDT MITCHELL founded SponsorLink in July 2012 to fill a growing need of non-profits as a resource for major corporate gifts and sponsorships.  Two other areas emerged as priorities, as most non-profits don’t have the ‘band-with’ to raise major funds, citing staff capacity and effective volunteer engagement as barriers to growth especially from a fundraising perspective.   Donna is known for her proprietary systems that are considered ‘best practices’ as they ‘do the work for you’ to make the most efficient use of resources and effective use of staff’s time — which she employed at non-profits like the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center.  Join us to find out more about how you can make the best use of interns and volunteers — including your Board, to truly advance fundraising and programmatic initiatives and engender a greater commitment to your organization — freeing up staff time to ‘manage’ instead of being ‘stuck in the details’ of constantly ‘doing’. 

Place: ZOOM (link to the meeting HERE)