Steven Wray, CEO, has more than 20 years of experience in non-profit operational management and consulting. During that time, he experienced first-hand the pressure non-profits were under to do more with less. In trying to manage the operational logistics of purchase orders, accounting, building maintenance and more, nonprofits often traded efficiency and effectiveness for cost savings, ultimately limiting their ability to better carry out their missions.

Steven brings his corporate and non-profit relationships to each non-profit that partners with Restore Global, providing access to quality products and services at significant savings. The result? Nonprofits may reduce expense budgets or redirect funds to mission-driven activities. (He’s also particularly happy to keep a whole lot of stuff out of landfills at the same time.)

Robyn Krausse, Programs Coordinator, joined the Restore Global team in the fall of 2017.  She formerly served at SIM earlier in her career packing shipments for overseas.  Those shipments were vital links to supplies that were unavailable in-country.  Without them a ministry could be stymied for lack of a simple part, whether it be for a car, plane, or well.

She has served as the office manager of a preschool with dozens of teachers and hundreds of students under her care.  Procuring supplies provided the resources that allowed teachers to reach students and to serve parents.

She stretches the budgets of our partner organizations to reach that one more child,  outfit that one more classroom, and serve one more person.  Robyn helps manage the many items that come in and go out from our warehouse and keeps each A2E and A2P running smoothly. 


Caroline Wienecke, Partnership Manager, joined Restore Global in the fall of 2017. Having spent time with several founding board members she had the opportunity to watch the idea and conversations about serving nonprofits turn into a reality. She is proud to work with the entire staff and enjoys getting to know our nonprofit partners and witnessing the creative projects that emerge week after week in service to our community.

Caroline makes connections with our partners and points them to the resources that will assist them the most.  

Megan Tuttle, Access to Global Outreach Director, after 21 years as a music educator, Megan joined the Restore Global team in the summer of 2018.  She honed her skills in leadership, program development, team building, problem-solving, creative thinking, and education through her time in public and private-Christian education, as well as in church leadership.  These skills have enhanced her shift into nonprofit work, missions, and mission team support.  

She holds Bachelor’s of Music Education from Indiana University and a Master’s of Music Education from Gordon College.  

Megan helps our partners plan and administrate their group mission and service trips.  After many years of planning and leading student trips she has become a expert at foreseeing the needs surrounding group trips.  She also serves the other programs when they need extra hands and manages the website.

Rod Tapp, Board Member, joined Restore Global 2014. He has more than 40 years of professional sales, marketing, operations and media experience and has served in executive positions in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Rod is especially fond of promoting the good work that non-profits do, especially on the local level. His work focuses on spreading the word about the positive impact organizations have on the world around us.