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Hurricane Ian Recovery – January, 2023

Restore Global’s impact on the Kiwanis Club of North Port has been a real game changer. We were scrambling to find items for our give away clothing closet. It was a real blessing to come across your organization. We now can service three times as many people for a fraction of the costs. When Hurricane Ian hit, we lost everything in our closet. Thanks to you, we were able to replenish our inventory and help others who lost everything. We were able to get cleaning supplies, snacks, baby food, clothes, combs, shampoo and so much more. Also, because of the hard work and networking Dee was able to do, we were connected to other nonprofits and businesses as a resource. This has been a Godsend. We are just so thankful…
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Giving Challenge – SRQ 2022

"It's ok to have fun!!!!!" When we decided to host a pop-up event for some of our SRQ (Sarasota/Manatee County FL, Regional Office), we wanted to have fun. Our purpose is to elevate our partners to greater impact and one way to do that is help make sure we did all we could to help maximize donations for our partners (and Restore Global of course). Our SRQ team lead by Dee took the charge and built an event that will be long remembered as a fun event. At the Restore Global pop-up on April 26th, we will have live music, a petting zoo, cooking demonstrations, cocktail tastings, kids coloring contests , food trucks - including ICE CREAM!!!! The giving challenge is a community wide giving event over 24 hours that…
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Launching Access to Impact

We are excited to host the first Webinar launch for Phase 2 of our collaboration with Duke Energy to develop our Access to Impact program. During this phase, we will have three sections of 10 selected nonprofits each from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. This program features access to all of the normal Restore Global programs as well as 10 hours of management consulting with the community nonprofit organizations to help explore ways to become more efficient and effective creating a much greater impact in their community. We are excited to share the results as we continue to develop this program with our forward thinking partner - Duke Energy.
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Resources for Ukrainian Refugees.

Restore Global is currently sourcing humanitarian supplies to send to Ukrainian refugees in many of the locations they are in the world. Utilizing our existing partners already serving those in Ukraine, we will be able to transport valuable and needed supplies. At this point, we are working through exactly what is needed and establishing a timeframe for assets we are sending. The difficult part actually is managing the domestic logistics and navigating the cost of moving assets in the US. The pictures are some of the items that will be making the first wave of assets. If you would like to help support our effort to serve those suffering, please click the button "Help with Logistics" for cash donations.
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