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Steven Wray has more than 20 years of experience in non-profit operational management and consulting. During that time, he experienced first-hand the pressure non-profits were under to do more with less. In trying to manage the operational logistics of purchase ordering, accounting, building maintenance and more, non-profits often traded efficiency and effectiveness for cost savings, ultimately limiting their ability to better carry out their missions.

Steven brings his corporate and non-profit relationships to each non-profit that partners with Restore Global, providing access to quality products and services at significant savings. The result? Non-profits may reduce expense budgets or redirect funds to mission driven activities. (He’s also particularly happy to keep a whole lot of stuff out of landfills at the same time.)

Rod Tapp joined Restore Global’s Access to Excess program in 2014 as the Director of Operations. He has more than 40 years of professional sales, marketing, operations and media experience and has served in executive positions in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Rod is especially fond of promoting the good work that non-profits do, especially on the local level. His work focuses on spreading the word about the positive impact organizations have on the world around us.

Robyn Krausse served at SIM earlier in her career packing shipments for overseas.  Those boxes and containers were a vital link to supplies unavailable in-country.  Without them a ministry could be stymied for lack of a simple part, whether it be for a car, plane, or well.
Most recently, as the office manager of a preschool, she had dozens of teachers and hundreds of students under her care.  Each smiling child and each frazzled parent, that she greeted each morning needed her love.  Supplies were not simply paper products and animal crackers.  They were resources that allowed a teacher to reach a student and to serve a parent.
So now, Robyn serves as the coordinator of the Access to Procurement program for Restore Global.  Every day she stretches the budgets of member organizations to reach that one more child, to outfit that one more classroom, to serve that one more person.

Bruce Bodman joins the Restore Global team with 20+ years of experience in project management, supply chain and logistics and nonprofit work. Previously serving as Samaritan’s Feet Intl.’s Global Supply Chain and International Director, his experience was largely in purchasing and distributing shoes for humanitarian projects around the world. Bruce designed the first biodegradable and antimicrobial EVA shoe (made in USA) to be distributed to the most impoverished regions around the globe. Bruce has been taking access to excess to the next level. Expanding into domestic and global relief efforts. Taking a proactive role on relief distribution and preparation. Sharing our experience and access to a world of resources that would otherwise be wasted, we give nonprofits a wide range quality goods and services.

Michael Watson is an original board member and co-founder, Michael brings over 25 years of sales, marketing and relationship building experience to the Restore Global Team.  His vast experience with customers in all segments of business (Pfizer, Konica Minolta, Wilson Sporting Goods, and Allstate Insurance) has given him a unique platform to launch a team relationship approach to working with its nonprofit partners.  He has seen this organization grow from a dream on paper to reality and is excited to see if take off in the future.  Michael’s expertise is with customer relations and building those relationships needed with nonprofits to help them achieve their goals while becoming a true partner in business.

Caroline Weinecke serves the Restore Global as Data Integrity Specialist. Having known several founding board members for years, she, too has had the opportunity to watch the idea and conversations about serving nonprofits turn into a reality. She is proud to work with the entire staff and especially enjoys getting to know our nonprofit partners and witnessing the creative projects that emerge week after week in service to our community.

Cynthia Walsh and the staff at Cox Walsh & Associates joined the Restore Global team in Fall 2018. Having worked with more than 100 nonprofits over the past 30 years, Cynthia and her colleagues recognize the value of the services Restore Global brings to the Charlotte Metropolitan community. CWA is proud to partner with such a unique nonprofit and looks forward to designing and growing development and communications efforts organization-wide.