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Access to Security

As these Security breaches continue to rise organizations need affordable and easy to use security alert systems that will notify appropriate responders rapidly.  

Introducing Restore Global’s Access To Security program which offers both the affordability and ease of use for campus emergency situations.  SECURE CAMPUS (For more information)

For more information contact:
Rod Tapp
Office: (704)208-4317

Access to Excess
Corporations, manufacturers, government organizations and retailers frequently find themselves with surplus goods and supplies. These organizations often update furnishings, renovate offices, and modernize hotel or dorm rooms. Sometimes, shipments are changed and orders are unable to be delivered to customers, leaving loads of new products sitting on roadsides or in ports with no destination. Restore Global collects these useable, often times new and like new products and redistributes them to non-profits who could utilize them most.

We have been able to provide medical supplies for the Ebola outbreak , an ultrasound machine for the Humane Society and basic furniture for recently homeless families who have secured housing .


Access Buying Group
Utilizing the power of a one of the world’s preeminent Group Purchasing Organizations, Restore Global assists non-profits in purchasing supplies at a discount they could not obtain on their own. Office supplies ranging from reams of paper, toilet tissue, and batteries are regularly purchased at discounts between 20-80% off of retail price.

For organizations renovating or building new facilities, our procurement team will assist you in sourcing all the materials needed to equip and operate the building. The cost savings realized in staff time and goods purchased can save non-profits hundreds of thousands of dollars and shave months off capital fundraising goals and timelines.

Access to Global Logistics

Restore Global understands that most nonprofit missions involve providing goods and services to others. However, most nonprofits are not experts in packing and shipping over long distances, especially internationally.

The combination of our extensive global network of professionals and our proficiency in moving goods gives us an opportunity to quickly and efficiently manage your transportation logistics. We keep up with the latest requirements and trends concerning environmental, safety, liability and individual country requirements in moving goods so that you don’t have to. 

Through Access2Logistics, Restore Global can:

  • Consult or manage any facet of your supply chain.
  • Accept and manage your donated goods (never turn a Gift In Kind down!)
  • Offer customer Resource Management 
  • Oversee warehousing management systems 
  • Organize group purchasing discounts
  • Warehouse and control inventory
  • Ship (all modalities): Parcel, Air, Land, Sea. Consolidation, Truckload or LTL, Container Load or LCL.
  • Package and Deliver door to door.
  • Set up freight forwarders and customs brokers.
  • Manage documentation: shipping documents, freight classification, inco terms, letter of instructions, commercial invoices, packing lists, donation certificate, customs forms, pre-inspections.