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Access to Excess

Nonprofits need resources to serve their community and often struggle to access or afford the quantity they need to do the most good. 

Restore Global’s Access to Excess program aims to alleviate that burden by collecting often-new, excess goods from corporations, manufacturers, government organizations, and retailers.

Over-production of product warrants truckloads of usable assets with no destination, all of which are needed by the community.

We’re here to break that cycle.

Access to Excess redistributes those “homeless” assets to nonprofit partners who need them, relieving businesses of overstock, saving products from the landfill, and pouring back into the community.

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Access to Procurement

Utilizing the power of one of the world’s preeminent Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO), Restore Global assists program members in purchasing supplies at a discount they could not obtain as a nonprofit.  Office supplies, building supplies, electronics, and more are regularly purchased at discounts between 20-80% off the retail price. 

The cost savings in staff time and goods purchased can save nonprofits hundreds of thousands of dollars and shave months off of capital fundraising goals and timelines.  This program is completely free to nonprofit partners with no requirements or fees to get started.

Interested? Contact Us.

Dee Danmeyer– Relationship Manager

Email: Dee.Danmeyer@restoreglobal.org

Phone: (407) 318-6063